2ª edición del International Careers Festival (11-12 de marzo 2017, Roma)

The applications are open for the 2nd edition of the International Careers Festival, a challenging educational project designed for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.

The International Careers Festival will take place on March 11-14, 2017 in Rome, and will consist of a set of activities about the international affairs" landscape, with a special focus on the complex but satisfaying world of the international working pathways (diplomacy, EU bodies, NGOs, international organizations, international courts, international journalism, and so on).

Within the Festival, there are organized the following core activities: a Model United Nations (the RomeMUN is currently considered to bethe main in Europe), a Business Game, a Press Game and an International Careers Course. In addition, during the Festival an International Careers Fair will be constantly ongoing to better show the dynamic vitality of this global affairs" environment! You may find further details here.

The best students will be provided with 250 scholarship covering the application fee, thanks to the support of our wide range of partners and sponsors. To keep this chance and avoid disappointment, applications should be submitted no later than December 9, 2016